Fee Information

College Fees

Please use the Edstart Website link below to obtain an estimate of your tuition fees. College Fees are invoiced annually and then statements are emailed out termly.

Payment options

Edstart (preferred payment method)

Termly via Bpay or EFT

Centrelink deduction

The applicable due dates for 2021 are:

Term 1 fees - 9th February 2021

Term 2 fees - 3rd May 2021

Term 3 fees - 2nd August 2021

Term 4 fees - 18th October 2021

PLEASE NOTE:Upon written notification of withdrawal of enrolment, the college will require 13x week’s notice, OR 13 week’s College fees may be charged per student from the date written notification is received.

Edstart Introduction.

Edstart is an alternative payment option to make it easier for families to manage your college fee payments. You can spread your fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments, as well as extending payments over a longer period.

You can use Edstart to fund any items on the College invoice.

For an introduction to what Edstart can do for you, please see the short video to the right.

To find out more about what Edstart’s offering to Taree Christian College families, Click the link below:

Edstart Website

Payment Plan Calculator

Payment plans to pay your school fees in weekly, fortnight or monthly instalments are available through Edstart. To apply, calculate a payment plan using the simple fee calculator below:

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