Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Taree Christian College offers High School students the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, this is a great opportunity for students to develop and grow in leadership skills.

Students undertake increasingly challenging outdoor expeditions and community service activities as they progress through the bronze, silver & gold levels.

The Duke of Edinburgh program comprises of 4 components which exercise students in the areas of service and responsibility, physical health, developing skill and an Adventurous Journey.

  1. Skill – where students are encouraged to develop new skills and persistence, as well as broaden their abilities.
  2. Adventurous Journey – where students are able to discover a sense of adventure and bond with other participants. This experience also allows them to develop resilience, endurance and a deep respect for Creation.
  3. Volunteering – where students have the opportunity to connect and give back to their community, by looking beyond themselves.
  4. Fitness/ Physical Recreation – where students are encouraged to engage in healthy sporting activities.

The Duke of Edinburgh program is another way in which students of Taree Christian College are able to develop into young people of influence, empowering them to make a difference in their world for Christ.