Our Information Services Centre is the hub of the school.

This centre boasts a bank of 27 computers, a Senior Study area, Seminar Room, Maker Space, Green Screen, Classroom, Lego Corner and Mini Theatrette, as well as a library of books for both Primary and Secondary students.

Primary students undertake their Digital Technologies lessons in the Centre, learning coding, robotics and other technologies to equip them with the skills they need for 21st Century learning and the jobs of the future.

The Centre is open during normal class time, and also before school and at lunchtime. During lunchtime, the Makerspace is up and running, where students can sign out different ‘innovative’ materials to create and make using their imagination. Board games and colouring-in are available, as well as our ever popular Lego Corner and spaces for quiet reading. The computers are also available during this time for class work, homework or educational games.

The Centre has a Secondary School only day on Tuesdays, where a STEM club and Craft Club encourage our older students to utilise all the Centre has to offer. Our Senior Students also use the upstairs quiet study area during their study periods, and our distance education students also utilise this area as a quiet place to learn.

We are very excited to be able to offer our students the tools they will need for their futures and be successful at school by giving them access to a wealth of fiction and non-fiction books, access to internet, a place to print their assignments and other creative resources.