Message from the Chair

Taree Christian College was birthed out of a passion to educate young people with a focus on Jesus and the life that knowing Him has to offer. 33 years ago, a dedicated group of people from Taree Baptist Church brought this passion into being. Since then, the College has impacted thousands of students with the Good News of Jesus, and empowered them to serve and function as confident, educated members of society. TCC is a Christian School with an uncompromising conviction to offer quality education from a Christian perspective and worldview.

But this is a conviction originating far beyond our 30-year history. For nearly 2 millennia, a Christian worldview has shaped Western culture and helped to inform our way of life. It is the commitment of TCC to continue educating children through a Christian worldview, as we believe this best serves communities and shapes our culture for the better.

It is a thrill to be a part of this ongoing legacy and we consider it a privilege to have been entrusted with your children to bring out their best and offer them the choice to consider the claims of Jesus for themselves. Our motivation is to ‘empower students to make a difference in their world for Christ’, and the staff of TCC work diligently to ensure this happens for your child’s growth and development, as well as for the betterment of society as a whole.

Thank you for partnering with TCC, as we journey with your children, helping them learn and mature to their full potential.

Chris Thornhill
Chair of the Board & Pastor of Taree Baptist Church